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Yarrow, British Columbia

Edited by
Esther Epp Harder, Edwin Lenzmann, and Elmer Wiens

Yarrow School Reunion: August 28, 1982

A Yarrow Elementary Junior High School Reunion was held on the 28th of August, 1982. Events associated with the reunion were:

  1. Camping — on Friday, the 27th of August at the Vedder River Campsite on Giesbrecht Road (formerly Ford Road).

  2. Open House — at the Yarrow Elementary School at 1:00pm on Saturday, the 29th of August. Refreshments in the Staff Room.

  3. Softball Game — Co-ed slowpitch at the school at 2:00pm.

  4. Banquet — at the Yarrow Community Hall at the end of First Street. Social Hour 6:30 / Dinner and After-Dinner Events at 7:30pm.

  5. Camping — on Saturday the 28th of August at the Vedder River Campsite.

Mr. Kost, Mr. Kurz, Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Bartindale, Miss Erma Wiebe, Mr. White

Robert Giesbrecht, Evangeline Sawatsky, Lily Pankratz, Mary Jozsa, Eleanore Friesen, Earl Miller, Rita Paetkau, Elmer Wiens
Otto Baerg, Walter Teichgrab, "Fergie," Robert Reimer

Shirley Jantzen, Stan Harder, Dave Klassen, Marlene Rempel, Dave Nightingale, Lenora Janzen, Ben Neufeld, Mr. Kurz

Yarrow School Teachers, 1959-60

Hulda Reimer, Erma Wiebe, _____, Mary Unger, _____
Mr Newby, Walter Ferguson, Ken White, Art Kurz
Photograph: Courtesy of Erma Wiebe

Grade Nine Class (1959-60)

Will Funk, Robert Reimer, "Fergie," Rudy Baerg, Elmer Wiens
Robert Unruh, Walter Teichgrab, Gordon Paetkau, Cary Esau, Walter Wolfe, Earl Miller
Otto Baerg, Robert Giesbrecht, Margaret Kroeker, Mary Jozsa, Walter Klassen
Verna Funk, Eleanore Friesen, Rita Paetkau, Mary Arendt, Rita Sawatsky, Evangeline Sawatsky
Also: John Peters, Marten Timmerman

Grade Eight Class (1959-60)

Edward Doerfling, Ray Neufeld, Stan Harder, Arthur Neufeld, Dave Nightengale, Geza Tantosh
Abe Klassen, Neil Friesen, Kathy Fajcsik, Gene Roy, Stuart Muxlow, Mr. Kurz
Katie Dettling, Virginia Soper, Anita Penner, Shirley Jantzen, Evelyn Paetkau, Doreen Funk
Also: John Arendt, Mary Peters, Helen Redekop
Photograph: Courtesy of Shirlee Jantzen Fast

Yarrow School Teachers, 1960-61
Yarrow School Teachers, 1960-61

_____, Erma Wiebe, _____
Art Kurz, Mr Newby, Reid Weight, Walter Ferguson
Mary Unger, _____, _____
Photograph: Courtesy of Erma Wiebe

Ken White, Sue White, Lila Kurz

Elmer Wiens

Donna and Gary Ferguson, David Nightingale, Robert Giesbrecht (back), Otto Baerg, John Neumann

Jeanette Reimer, Hilda Baerg, Pat Gillis, Shirley Giesbrecht

Eleanor Friesen, Marlene Rempel, Wolfgang Shultz

Patricia Gillis, Luella Martens, Walter Teichgrab

Ken White, Rob Giesbrecht

Fergie Pitching, John Neumann Short Stop, Wolfgang Shultz 2nd Base

Chuck Regehr Catching, Walter Teichgrab Batting, Robert Reimer On Deck

Robert Reimer, Rita Paetkau, Dave Nightingale

Barb and Earl Miller

John Penner



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