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Yarrow, British Columbia

Edited by
Esther Epp Harder, Edwin Lenzmann, and Elmer Wiens

Yarrow School Reunion: June 25th, 2011

Thank you to everyone who made our Yarrow School Reunion a HUGE success!!!

Saturday Night Banquet
Saturday Night Banquet
Photograph Courtesy of Henry Loewen

Saturday Afternoon: Farewell to the Old School

Kirk Savage, Principal
Kirk Savage, Principal
Symbolic School Cake
Symbolic School Cake

Some Class Pictures

1955 Graduating Clas
1955 Grade Nine Graduating Class

1956 Graduating Class
1956 Grade Nine Graduating Class
Jenny Corenblum (Warkentin), John Giesbrecht, John Janzen, Victor Froese, John Regehr.
Lynn Spenst (Kornelson), Agnes Penner (Kroeker), Betty Klassen (Toews), Vera Heinrichs (Toews).

1957 Graduating Class
1957 Grade Nine Graduating Class

1958 Graduating Class
1958 Grade Nine Graduating Class

1959 Graduating Class
1959 Grade Nine Graduating Class

1960 Graduating Class
1960 Grade Nine Graduating Class
Mel Martens, Cary Esau, Elmer Wiens, Rob Giesbrecht, Bob Reimer, Dave Klassen
Eleanor Friesen, Rita Petkau, Margaret Regehr, Edith Dahl

1961 Graduating Class
1961 Grade Nine Graduating Class

1962 Graduating Class
1962 Grade Nine Graduating Class
Chuck Regehr, Vic Giesbrecht, Stan Harder, Rudy Dahl, Henry Elzer
Irene Ratzlaff, Luetta Wiens, Wolfgang Scholz

1963 Graduating Class
1963 Grade Nine Graduating Class

Banquet Program

Anthem: Edith Ratzlaff, piano
Anthem: Edith Ratzlaff, piano

Flute Solo: Jerry Klassen
Flute Solo: Gerry Klassen
Sing-a-long: Elsie Giesbrecht (Bergmann)
Sing-a-long: Elsie Giesbrecht (Bergmann)

Tribute: John Kroeker
Tribute: John Kroeker

Erma Wiebe and Chuck Regehr
Erma Wiebe and Chuck Regehr
Hulda Fast (Reimer) and Chuck Regehr
Hulda Fast (Reimer) and Chuck Regehr

Jack and Mary Ketler
Jack and Mary Ketler

John Giesbrecht, Chuck Regehr, Reid Weight, Peggy Hiebert (Martens), Bonnie Giesbrecht

 Pirates of Penzance
Reappraisal of the Pirates of Penzance

Above Photographs Courtesy of Stan Harder

Sunday Morning: Yarrow MB Church

 Yarrow MB Church Sanctuary
History of the Yarrow School: Power Point Presentation: Elmer Wiens
Photograph Courtesy of Mavis Fast

Irene Reimer
Irene Reimer
Bob Reimer
Bob Reimer
Photographs Courtesy of Mavis Fast

Poetry from the Yarrow School Reunion Program

Larry Nightingale.   Lines (for a teacher).

Robert Martens.   said (mennonite) louise.

Elmer Wiens.   Yarrow School Reunion — June 25th, 2011.


It's wonderful to see you once again!

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The Yarrow Elementary School has occupied the same building for six decades. In September 1953, it moved to Wilson Road North from the schoolyard in downtown Yarrow. Until 1966, it also included the Yarrow Junior High School. A new school building is now under construction.

To celebrate the Yarrow School's accomplishments in education, a reunion will be held on Saturday, June 25th, 2011. Former and current students, parents, and teachers are invited to attend and participate.

Events at the Yarrow School, Saturday, June 25th:

  1. 11:00am to 3:00pm: School Open House. Check out the classrooms, hallways, basement, and gym. Reacquaint yourself with former teachers, students, and parents.

    Coffee available in the main hallway.
    Videos and photo display in the gym. Cake cutting plus opening ceremony at 1:00pm.

  2. 11:00am to 3:00pm: BBQ on the School Grounds. Featuring sales of hotdogs, soft drinks, and chips.

    Lunch Special: Hot dog, drink, bag of chips — $5.00.

  3. 6:00pm to 10:00pm: Catered Banquet in the School Gymnasium.
          After dinner events with Chuck Regehr — Master of Ceremonies: live entertainment (selections from the Pirates of Penzance and Yoemen of the Guard, a flute solo by Gerry Klassen, sing-a-long with Elsie Giesbrecht, a solo by John Kroeker), interviews of former teachers, and great door prizes.

    Super Buffet Supper: Roast Beef, Chicken Cordon Blue, Sweet and Sour Ribs, Caesar Salad, Assorted Desserts, etc.

Banquet Tickets: $50 per person / $100 per couple (banquet tickets only).

Other Events:

  1. Friday Evening, 7:00pm to 10:00pm, June 24th: Community social gathering at the Yarrow School hosted by the Yarrow United Mennonite Church. Members of the community of Yarrow are welcome.

    Meet and Greet: Coffee, tea, and finger food. Please note change in venue.

  2. Sunday Morning, June 26th: Free Breakfast (8:00am to 10:30am) followed by a Church Service (10:30am) at the Yarrow MB Church.

    Spiritual Challenge: Don Klassen
    Musical Presentation: Irene Funk (Reimer)
    Power Point: History of Yarrow's Schools: Elmer Wiens

  3. Comfort Inn, Chilliwack-Sardis / Best Western, Rainbow Country Inn, Chilliwack / Ramada Inn, Abbotsford. A block of rooms will be reserved for people registering for one or two nights, June 24th and June 25th. Mention the "Yarrow School Reunion" when registering.

        Comfort Inn, 45405 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack: special "LCHWK" rate of $95.00 per room set for the Yarrow School Reunion:
            604 858-0636 and 800 4CHOICE,

        Best Western Rainbow Country Inn in Chilliwack: Ashleigh Veenstra toll free 1 800 665 1030 or 604-795-3828 ext 320

        Ramada in Abbotsford: Christine Lane toll free 1 888 411 1070 or 604-870-6162

We expect a good turnout, based on the ad hoc responses so far. Please reply with the form provided as soon as possible! To better plan our reunion, we need to know how many people will attend each of the events.

Seating at the banquet is limited, and will be on a first pay basis. We need to confirm the number of diners expected at the banquet caters by May 31st.

Please mail the completed form, and the cheque for the banquet made payable to "Hank Kroeker" to:

Attn: Yarrow School Reunion,

Yarrow Community School,
4605 Wilson Road,
Chilliwack B.C., V2R 5C4.

Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope to receive the banquet tickets by return mail. Don't forget to fill in the year you attended (or would have attended) grade six at the Yarrow (Community) Elementary School. We will try to seat people at the banquet by class. If you include your email address, we will update you on changes to events.

We would appreciate receiving pictures of you, your spouse and family. Either mail your pictures along with your cheque and filled-in form to the school at the address above, or email the pictures as attachments to: Please identify the people in your photographs. Photographs will be displayed on bulletin boards, and possibly will appear in a video / power point presentation.

                      For more information please contact:
Hilda Bergen:                     Vic Giesbrecht:
Hank Kroeker:        Elmer Wiens:
Edith (Dahl) Ratzlaff:                  Charlotte (Tilitzky) Nickel:
Johnny Reimer:                        Esther (Epp) Harder:
Kirk Savage:

Yarrow Reunion Committee

    Back: Elmer Wiens, Johnny Reimer, Vic Giesbrecht
Front: Charlotte (Tilitzky) Nickel, Hank Kroeker, Edith Ratzlaff, Esther Epp Harder

Check this Web Page for Reunion Updates!

Yarrow Community (Elementary and Junior High) School Reunion

I/We plan to attend the Yarrow School Reunion on Saturday, June 25th, 2011.

Enclosed is my cheque for: $ ______________ dollars

                for: _______ banquet tickets @ $50 each

Name(s): _______________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________


Telephone: ______________________________________________

Email : _____________________________________________________

I attended grade six during the school year: _____________

            I/We also plan to attend the following events (X):

      School Open House __________

      BBQ on the School Grounds __________ (# attending)

      Social gathering at the Yarrow Community Hall
            Night of June 24th _________

      Church Service / MB Church Breakfast June 26th _________

      I anticipate registering for a hotel room:
            Best Western Rainbow Country Inn:
            Night of June 24th _________ Night of June 25th __________

            Ramada Inn on Whatcom Rd.:
            Night of June 24th _________ Night of June 25th __________

Make your cheque for the banquet payable to "Hank Kroeker"
and mail this completed form along with a stamped self addressed envelope to:

Attn: Yarrow School Reunion,

Yarrow Community School,
4605 Wilson Road,
Chilliwack B.C., V2R V2R 5C4.



Yarrow School Alumni Registered To-Date
Vic and Bonnie GiesbrechtElmer Wiens and Pat GillisHeinz and Edith Ratzlaff (Dahl)
Hank KroekerJohn and Elsie Giesbrecht (Bergmann) Walter and Luella Teichgrab (Martens)
John and Mavis FastIrvin and Helen WiensMichael and Alice Gro (Penner)
Agnes Penner (Kroeker)Lynn Spenst (Kornelson)Hilda Bartel -- BBQ only
Hank and Mary PetersGerry and Diane KlaassenViolet Higginson (Sheremeto)
Ralph and Shirley GiesbrechtAlfred and Devra FunkStan and Nancy Harder
Dave and Anne NightingaleHenry and Elsie PennerRob and Shirley Giesbrecht
Alvin and Esther Harder (Epp)Alice WedelRudy Janzen and guest
Elmer and Betty Penner (Fast)Katie Arnold (Janzen)Katie Fast (Kornelson)
Peter and Wendy Dobell (Weger)Connie Welch (Hendricks)Philip and Heidi Giesbrecht
David DyckRudi and Louise Thoma (Doerfling)John and Alvina Reimer
Charlotte Nickel (Tilitzky)Bill and Vi Dyble (Schellenberg)Heather Dow (Hendricks)
Peter LoewenJohn KroekerKay Kroeker
Elsie Leonotwich (Kroeker)Pete and Erna FroeseAlvin and Elsie Wiens (Kliewer)
Mary DyckSue Shantz (Loewen)Hank and Hilda Friesen
Cathy Penner (Giesbrecht)Elizabeth HladunJerry and Luetta Priebe (Wiens)
Elizabeth Froese (Neudorf)Val and Pat JanzenDan and Doris Dunbar (Friesen)
Henry LoewenNorma Younie (Thiessen)Ed and Elaine Klassen
Peter and Erica BrodieJohn and Lenora GoudyPeter and Jane Andres
Bonnie Coutu (Menges)Don and Joanne Dyck (Friesen)Herb and Helen Thiessen (Wiens)
Crystal DeJagerErma WiebeBob and Rita Reimer
Hank and Joyce RegehrTim and Eleanore Martens (Friesen)Peter and Betty Balzer (Friesen)
Chuck RegehrKen and Marge Friesen (Regehr)Ward Weger and guest
John TeichroebEd and Rose FlemingAldon and Betty Loeppky (Dyck)
Lynne Schmidt (Ratzlaff)Vic RatzlaffFlorence Ross (Nightingale)
Ann Wiebe (Klassen)Earl and Barbara MillerPeggy Hiebert (Martens)
Betty Snell and guestHarold, Claudia and Mary FroeseLila Kurz
Walter MartensEdith KnoxEthel Knox
Bob PetersJoanne Todd (Schellenberg)Bob and Pauline Harms (Guenther)
Jake and Anne Dyck (Rempel)Dave KlassenJohn Regehr
Susie Derksen (Giesbrecht)Ed DerksenBert and Vera Heinrichs (Toews)
Henry JanzenJenny CorenblumAnita Wahl (Penner)
Charon RidsdaleBetty KlassenAlex and Lillian Rogalsky (Martens)
Reed and Brita WeightJack KetlerHank and Sheila Froese
Henry ElzerBob and Irene Funk (Reimer)Annegret Nickel (Hoffert)
David WallDave and Shirley Fast (Jantzen)Viola Cass (Loewen)
Dorothy LindhoutCalvin and Eleanor Lutz -- teacherBetty Bratt (Derksen)
Alana Nordstrand (Kurz)Karl KurzIsaac and Veronica Thiessen (Barkowsky)
Jim and Dayle ThiessenWolfgang ScholzFrieda Fast
Rudy DahlMel Martens and Doreen LandryVictor and Sandra Froese -- teacher
Wilf DerksenSara Naples (Schellenberg)Hank and Maggie Martens
EJ (Al) KlaassenBill BorowskiFrank and Pat Spenst
Jake and Phyliss EppEd and Marlene Penner (Rempel)Eileen Burke (Kurz)
Mike and Violet Eason (Hiller)Ray and Pat Coad (Dennill)Frank and Lorna Dyck (Froese)
Debbie McMahon (Loewen)John and Elfrieda Klassen (Reimer)George and Diane Giesbrecht
Len and Marilyn WiensGarry and Maureen WallGord and Bonny Koehn
Betty Voth (Krause)Helen ThiessenHilda Bergen (Wiens)
John and Ellie Guenther (Derksen)Kathi Morrison (Sabolowich)Ulrike Johnston (Friesen)
Vera Epp (Spenst)Madison Bussy (Susie Spenst)Len Neufeld
Jake and Helen KonradFrank and Nancy DyckGeorge and Anne Heinrichs
Hilda DahlPeter HeinrichsJim and Carol Stobbe (Koehn)

Yarrow Reunion Committee

Hank Kroeker, Elmer Wiens, Vic Giesbrecht, Edith Ratzlaff, Charlotte (Tilitzky) Nickel, Mary Froese


Yarrow School Reunion Poem
Yarrow School Reunion Poem
Yarrow School Reunion Poem



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