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PENNER, Peter John

Peter John Penner of Abbotsford, B.C. passed away Oct. 7, 2000.

He was born Feb.19, 1916 to John and Maria Penner in Chernyvka, Russia. They lived in Olgafeld.

When he was 10, the family immigrated to a farm at Niverville, Man. He loved school, attending for 6 years. He then helped support the family. His teacher, Agatha Dyck, led him to the Lord when he was 11. His bent for things mechanical and keen mind showed up early in life.

Following alternative service, he worked in orchards and a sanatorium in Ontario.

He married Mary Regehr July 22, 1944 in Vineland, Ont. They farmed in Manitoba, but experienced crop failures.

They moved to Yarrow, B.C. He worked at various jobs, eventually becoming a mechanic.

In 1951 they moved to a 5-acre homestead in Black Creek, B.C. After a few years, they bought a 25-acre farm, raising cows, pigs, chickens, geese, berries, an orchard and a garden. They helped other families in crisis by caring for children in their home for periods of time. He had a strong reliance on God. He changed careers from a heavy duty mechanic to truck driver. Each day, he prayed for God's protection; he never had a road accident.

In 1971 they moved to Abbotsford. In 1974 they began raising Cornish hens and roasters. He enjoyed singing with Men of Song. He and Mary were part of the food service team in Central Heights MB Church. He always had a bicycle for his grandchildren to ride when they visited.

They took several trips by car to visit family. In 1985 they had a car accident, Mary was handicapped from the injuries, and their travelling became more limited. In 1987 they moved to a smaller place with a shop. He built wooden toys for his grandchildren and MCC and tended fruit trees, flowers, berries and garden.

He is remembered for his hugs, stories and questions. In 1997 they moved to Garden Park Tower. He loved to go for lunches and coffee. He spent hours reading historical novels and newspapers.

In 1998 his health began to decline. He spent many hours reflecting on his life, praying and listening to music. He had spent his life close to God and experienced God's leading when unsure of what decision to make. He prayed daily for his family.

He is mourned by Mary; children Ron, Irene Wiens and Leona Peters; 6 grandchildren; 1 great-grandson; 4 brothers and 1 sister.

The memorial service was held in Central Heights MB Church.


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