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NEUMANN, Violet Kaethler

NEUMANN, Violet Kaethler

Violet, was born in Steinbach, Manitoba on December 30, 1937 to Peter & Marie Kaethler, two people who loved Jesus and brought their family up to know and love the Lord. She was the sixth child, with two older brothers and three older sisters. One more brother would be born after her to make a total of seven children.

When Violet was five the family moved to British Columbia, just outside of Yarrow. Mom and her mother had gone on a pre-trip to scout out the land which mom remembered very well. They went by train and arrived in Yarrow to meet a whole host of relatives.

At first they rented a place, and then they bought a farm on Vedder Mountain. It had a great view and 60 acres of land. Some was treed and on the rest they had a house and a double-decker barn, a chicken house, and a milk house with a concrete tank which they filled with water to cool the cans of milk.

Violet was keenly aware of the fact that she was a sinner and so at the age of ten, she asked Jesus to forgive her and to lead her life. At 18 she was baptized and accepted by Yarrow M.B. Church.

Violet's family moved to Vancouver in 1955 where she met Harold Neumann, they were married in 1959. After their first child was born, Violet experienced a serious kidney-related issue. In hospital, she wondered if she could trust God now. She dedicated the rest of her life to knowing and serving him. Through a series of miracles, she regained health and walked with the Lord in a new way.

After Harold's death in 1996, Violet moved in with her daughter and son-in-law in West Kelowna, B.C., and helped them plant Sunridge Community Church, where she served with love for 15 years.

Violet discovered she had pancreatic cancer in January 2013 and passed away March 11, 2013. Violet is survived by children Lloyd (Roberta), Teresa (Michael) Klassen; 5 grandchildren; 5 siblings.

Her life story, written by her daughter, is at


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