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Agnes Matties died Nov. 26, 2008. S

he was born Dec. 21, 1922 in Tchernovski, Siberia to Wilhelm and Aganeta Matties.

At 8 months, she contracted poliomyelitis, leaving her left leg paralyzed and shorter than the right one.

The family left Russia in 1929, settling first near LaGlace, Alta., where Agnes was baptized and attended Bible school for two years. They later moved to Yarrow, B.C.

At 21, Agnes had several operations to facilitate walking in a more upright posture, though she continued to need crutches to walk outside. She attended Bible school in Yarrow as well, taught Sunday school, was active in ladies group, and served as correspondent for the Mennonitische Rundschau.

After her father's death, Agnes cared for her mother at home as long as she was able.

Agnes's health was always a struggle, and in 2007, she was diagnosed with cancer of the throat and tongue.

Predeceased by 1 sister, 2 brothers, and 2 cousins adopted into the family; Agnes is mourned by 3 sisters, 2 brothers; many nieces and nephews and their families. The memorial service was Dec. 5 at Clearbrook MB Church, Abbotsford, B.C.


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