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LOEWEN, Peter D.

I, Peter Daniel Loewen, was born on October 22, 1902 in the village of Miloradowka, South Russia. My parents were Daniel and Susanna (nee Neudorf) Loewen. With three older sisters and two brothers, I experienced a thoroughly enjoyable childhood in the home of my parents.

My parents were wealthy farmers. They attempted as much as possible to raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. The greatest treasure I received from my dear parents for my life was their example of an unselfish life. They always had a compassionate heart and open hand for those in need. To do good and to share with others according to Hebrews 13:16 was for them real joy.

During my twelfth year, the First World War began and that ended my uneventful and joyous childhood. The world encompassing unrighteousness of war and the bloody revolution that followed, which had the effect of destroying a culture that had taken years to build and which violated every human right, contributed a great deal to the end of my joyful youth. I experienced much joy in learning and was fortunate to receive an excellent elementary education under the competent tutorship of my teachers. However, as a result of the Revolution, my high school education was interrupted.

The Christian upbringing in my home and the thorough instruction of religion in our schools contributed to my acknowledgment in my early youth that I was a lost sinner. However, I did not come to a personal faith and knowledge of salvation through the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus on the cross until my nineteenth year. On May 7, 1923, I was baptized and received into membership in the M.B. Church at Miloradowka.

Since there was little prospect that we could exercise our faith under godless communism, the idea of immigration from Russia was present in our family as early as 1918. The murder of my oldest brother at the hands of roving bandits contributed to this desire as well.

We were very happy and thankful when in July, 1923 our whole family, with the exception of my oldest sister and her family, was able to immigrate to Canada. After a lengthy journey we were graciously received by some dear people in Alberta. We arrived just in time to assist with harvesting the large grain crop. My older sister, my twin brother and I earned sufficient money during the harvest to pay half of our travel debt and were also able to retain sufficient so that we did not have to be dependent on our gracious hosts.

Now that we were in Canada, I-developed a strong desire to attend a bible school. The Lord led in such a way so that it was possible for me to enroll in the Herbert Bible School for the winter of 1924. For two winters I eagerly received instruction from the gifted teacher Brother W.J. Bestvater. I had great joy studying the living word of God, fellowshipping with teachers and students and serving in practical work. I was blessed even more in my biblical studies in Winkler where I took my third and fourth years.

Because the Prairie Provinces were not appealing to me, I made my way to B.C. in April, 1930. I felt at home immediately amid the blossoms of spring and the beautiful scenery and determined that I should stay here. In 1932 the Lord led my beloved life's partner, Anna Redekop, to me. We were married on May 22, 1932 in the Yarrow MB Church by Rev. J.A. Harder. In spite of the difficulties caused by the depression, we were thankful for the many joys and blessings that were ours each day.

For four years we lived in Yarrow in a very small little house. Through the providence of God, we were able to move to a 40 acre farm on Tolmie Road on Sumas Prairie in 1936 without having the funds to pay for it. We lived there for 34 years. In spite of the difficult economic times, the Lord was gracious to us and blessed us, and all in all, farming went well.

The Lord gave us nine healthy children. Each one was received as a special gift from God. We attempted to raise each one in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We are thankful to the Lord and give Him the glory that all accepted the Lord as saviour in their youth and now serve the Lord with their individual gifts.

While I was still a student in Bible School, I was actively witnessing for my Lord, working in Sunday School, helping at youth meetings and preaching. When I joined the Yarrow M.B. Church in 1930, I was soon drawn into the preaching ministry which I shared with other dear brothers. I experienced much joy and many blessings in my service for the Lord. In 1939 1 was ordained to the ministry together with Brother Aron Rempel.

My involvement in the Bible School, Sunday School, Youth Work, Church Council and manifold committees, all contributed to my spiritual growth and development. I willingly took part in conferences as well as courses and workshops on preaching, Sunday School or youth work. I always felt there was much to learn and found these sessions helpful and a blessing.

Attending to these many activities which were of great personal benefit and blessing to me, demanded a great sacrifice on behalf of my beloved wife Anna. Many days and evenings she was left alone with the children. She lovingly and faithfully carried out her household duties. Since she was also a graduate of the Winkler Bible School, she shared the same vision of service as I and was therefore fully supportive of my service, even though it demanded much personal sacrifice. As soon as our youngest child was old enough for Sunday School, my wife assumed responsibility for teaching a Sunday School Class and became an outstanding teacher for young children.

We considered the farm as useful and necessary to make a living. However, our real purpose in life was to serve the Lord. After all the children had entered their own occupations and had left home, we sold our farm and moved to Clearbrook. From here we continued to serve our beloved Yarrow church for another six years.

Knowing that sooner or later we would have to change churches, we said farewell to the Yarrow church in 1976 and joined the Clearbrook M.B. church where we were received warmly and have enjoyed the blessings of God together with other brothers and sisters.

The more I read the Bible, study the Word and reflect on its meaning, the greater God becomes to me in his unfathomable love for mankind, his wisdom and control of the whole universe; so also the Lord Jesus in giving his life for our salvation and in his promise to return; so also the working of the Holy Spirit in bringing life to unbelievers and his leading of believers to Christian maturity and his leading of the Church to glory with Jesus Christ.

P.D. Loewen

Daniel Peter Loewen passed into the presence of the Lord whom he loved on Tuesday February 23, 1993. He leaves behind his loving wife Anna, nine children, twenty-one grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

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Anna is also survived by one brother, David E. Redekop - Winnipeg step-sister, Alma Schellenberg - Ontario step-brother, A.W. Schellenberg - Abbotsford, sisters-in-law, Tina Penner, Helen Loewen, Anna Redekop, Annie Redekop



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