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Jakob Kaethler passed away Mar. 25, 1998. He was born Sept. 17, 1928 to Peter and Marie Kaethler in Fleming, Sask. The family moved to Steinbach, Man. He learned to work hard and accept responsibility on the farm. At age 12, he accepted Christ. The family moved to Yarrow, B.C. when he was 15 or 16. He was baptized Sept. 12, 1948.

He studied 1 semester in Winnipeg, then earned a B.A. at the University of British Columbia, helping on the farm on weekends. He married Helen Wolfe Sept. 12, 1953. He took teacher training and was a teacher for 28 years, retiring in 1983 due to Parkinson's disease. He was a strict but fair teacher.

He was also involved in lay ministry. He chaired and served on the MB Boards of Church Extension and Reference and Counsel. He spearheaded the start of Richmond (B.C.) Bethel Church and was moderator for 20 years. He preached, taught, mentored and served as elder. Despite failing health, he continued to read and pray, growing closer to God. Sharing insights from his readings with his family and others, he was able to impact their lives. He is remembered for being stalwart in his Christian faith, hard-working, unselfish, optimistic, persevering and resolute. He questioned why God permitted his illness but accepted that God's grace was sufficient and that God's sovereignty was beyond his comprehension.

He died of a heart attack while kneeling in midnight prayer. He is mourned by Helen; sons Chuck, Terry and Richard; 11 grandchildren; 4 sisters and 2 brothers. The memorial service was Mar. 31 in Fraserview MB Church, Richmond, with Brad Julihn and Terry Kaethler ministering.


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