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JANZEN, Helena

Helena Janzen passed away Dec. 6, 2001 in Abbotsford, B.C.

She was born Mar. 26, 1908 to Kornelius and Katarina Ploenert in Franzthal, Molotschna, Ukraine. When she was 5, she remained with her grandparents while her parents and their other children moved to the Crimea to manage an estate. When they returned, they moved to a small house on the same property, but she remained with her grandparents.

When she was 10, her mother died. Her father married Maria Janzen, a widow with a daughter. Her father died when Helen was 13. She went to live with her uncle.

She accepted Christ in her youth; she was baptized and joined Franzthal MB Church June 21, 1925. She received the Scripture verse, "No one can pluck them out of my hand" (John 10:28). She held to this verse all her life. She enjoyed singing in the choir and helping in Sunday school.

She immigrated to Canada May 23, 1926. She married Jacob J. Janzen June 14, 1926 in Meadows, Man. They lived with Jacob's family in Rosser, Man.

In 1932 the extended family moved to Yarrow, B.C. They joined Yarrow MB Church. They lived in Sardis, B.C. She cared for Jacob, who developed rheumatic fever, and her children. Around 1943 they built a new house on the farm. She sewed for her family, tended a large garden, helped with the chores and harvested raspberries, apples, walnuts and grapes on their farm.

Jacob died June 27, 1965 at age 63. Her comfort was that everything works for the good and she was in the Lord's hands. She and daughter Lenora moved to her son's house in Coquitlam, B.C., then to an apartment in New Westminster, B.C. She attended Willingdon Church in Burnaby, B.C. She bought a house in Clearbrook, B.C. and joined Clearbrook MB Church.

She gardened, sewed blankets for MCC and showed hospitality to family and friends. When yardwork became too difficult, she moved to a condo at Evergreen Village. Quiltmaking and crocheting caps and toques for Russia kept her busy. In November 1996 she moved to Tabor Manor.

She is remembered for her fervent prayers and ability to recite Scripture.

Predeceased by Jacob, daughter Erna Down and 2 grandsons, she is mourned by children Lena Block, Henry, Katherine Giesbrecht, Erwin, Ann Poetker, Ruth Thiessen, Esther Langhofer, Lenora Kirk, and Elfrieda; 23 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; 1 great-great-grandchild; and 1 sister.

The funeral was Dec. 10 in Clearbrook MB Church, Abbotsford, with Jay Neufeld and Peter Dueck ministering.


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