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It has pleased the Lord of Life and Death to call our brother August Guze to the home above.

It is true that we mourn, but not as those who have no hope. He was a member of the Vancouver MB Church and his funeral was held here on November 29th.

Brother D.B. Wiens spoke on 2 Cor. 5:10. A ladies group sang several songs. He had hummed the song "Forever with the Lord" as they travelled to Yarrow [the day he died] and now the ladies sang this song at his funeral.

After this Br. D. B. Wiens read the Brother's obituary and Br. Jacob Thiessen spoke the closing prayer.

Obituary: August Guze was born on February 27, 1894 in Angelof, Poland.
When he was 28, he accepted Jesus and became happy child of God which he spoke of all the time. He praised the grace of God that sought him until it found him. I n the same year [1922], he was baptized and was accepted in an evangelical congregation in Poland.

In 1927, he emigrated from Poland to Alberta, Canada.

In 1936, he came to Yarrow, B.C. where he got to know Helen Thiessen; they were married May 3, 1936. Two daughters, Martha and Emily were born to them. Soon after this, he joined the Yarrow MB Church. August & Helen enjoyed 26 years together.

In 1958, the Guse Family, with their daughters moved to Vancouver and were accepted as members by the Vancouver MB Church, where he remained a faithful member until his death.

On Saturday, November 24, 1962, he travelled to Yarrow with his family [to visit friends]. Against the wishes of his family who were going to drive him out, he began walking to his old farm [on Stewart Road]. On the way, he must have suffered a heart attack. His family found him lying beside the road, dead.

He leaves, his sorrowing wife, Helen, 2 daughters Martha and Emily, 1 brother in Alberta, and 1 sister in Germany.

He reached the age of 68 years, 8 months and 24 days. He has reached the goal, and so we do not sorrow as those who do not have this hope.

"The hope of the righteous shall be gladness" Proverbs 10:28.

The sorrowing Guze Family, 655 East 48th Ave., Vancouver 15, B.C. (Sent in by P.R. Corr.)

August Guze Family

Helen Thiessen met August Guze when he came to Yarrow in early1936 and they were married May 3, 1936.

They had a small dairy and raspberry farm at 1101 Stewart Road, right next to the D.D. Fasts. Mrs. Katie Fast and Mrs. Guze were sisters. They lived with Helen's mother, Mrs. Susanna Thiessen.

They had two daughters, Martha (1937) and Emily (1939), both born in Yarrow. The girls attended Yarrow Elementary school and Chilliwack Junior and Senior High Schools. Martha & Emily were baptized in July 1955 and joined Yarrow MB Church. Both sang in the Yarrow MB Church choir.

The Guze family moved to Vancouver in the fall of 1957 after Martha graduated from Chilliwack Senior High. They transferred to the Vancouver 43rd. Ave. Church and later were charter members of the Culloden MB Church.

Martha and Emily found work in Vancouver, Martha at BC Telephone Company in the accounting department and Emily in an Insurance company. Martha loved to travel and especially enjoyed her trip to the Holy Land.

August Guze passed away in 1962. Susanna Thiessen and Helen Guze have also passed away, but dates are unknown.

Martha worked at the B.C. Telephone Company from 1958 until she retired in May 1993. Martha enjoyed singing in the choir, teaching Daily Vacation Bible School, Sunday School and Pioneer Girls. She married Gordon Necemer on September 24, 1988 at the Culloden MB Church. She continued working at BC Tel but also helped Gordon in his printing business.

Martha passed away April 1, 1998 in New Westminster after a hard battle with liver disease caused by a parasite she picked up in the Holy Land.

Emily is retired and lives in Vancouver.


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