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DYCK, Jacob A.

Jacob A. Dyck died May 22. He was born Aug. 15, 1906 in Eichenfeld, South Russia to Abram and Helena Dyck.

His father was killed by Machno's followers and his mother fled to a neighbouring village.

The family moved to Steinfeld to be close to other family members. They scavenged for food.

In 1923 the family began immigrating to Canada but because of his siblings' illness, only Jacob and his brother Abram were allowed to go, coming to Canada with no money and wearing only thin shirts and worn trousers.

They worked as farmhands but were not paid. Their mother came to Canada 7 months later and married J.J.M. Klassen of Beaver Flats, Sask.

Jacob acquired land and began farming. He married Mary Sawatsky Oct. 26, 1930.

Because of the Depression they moved to Yarrow, B.C. after a decade. He worked in hop fields, tobacco fields and a nursery. He worked as a carpenter at the military base at Vedder Crossing, B.C. and established his own construction firm. In 1950 they moved to Vancouver, and over 30 years he built nearly 600 houses.

After retirement he volunteered at Vancouver Airport Chapel.

He is remembered for his care for his family, his generosity to others, his friendly demeanour and integrity.

Predeceased by Mary, 2 sisters, 3 brothers, he is mourned by sons Harold and Ron; daughters Leonora Pauls and Violet Goosen; his brother's orphaned children: Roland, Rodney, Nancy Johnson and Marlene Broening who became part of the family in 1957; 24 grandchildren; 34 great-grandchildren; 3 sisters.

The funeral was May 28 in Fraserview MB Church with Dan Unrau ministering.


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