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REGEHR, Gerhard Peter

Rev. Gerhard Peter Regehr - 1866- 1960

A funeral service for Rev. Gerhard P. Regehr who died March 14, 1960 in Los Angles, California at the age of 93 was held at Yarrow Mennonite Brethren Church.

Rev. Peter Neufeld officiated and burial followed at the Yarrow cemetery. Though he was not a resident of the district, Rev. Regehr was a frequent visitor to Yarrow.

He was well known and had many friends as well his daughter Kathryn Neufeld and her family lived in Yarrow.

Gerhard Peter Regehr was born to Peter & Katharina (Schellenberg) Regehr on November 5, 1866 in Gnadenthal, Molotschna, South Russia. He was the eighth child; his older siblings were Jacob, Peter (died at birth), Peter, Katharina, Heinrich, Margaretha, and Isaak; younger siblings were Helena, Anna and Justina.

He married Maria Siemens on May 19, 1894 in Reinfeld Yazykovo, South Russia.

Seven children were born to them in Russia: Jacob, Maria, Anna, Gerhard, Henry, Lydia and Kathryn. He was ordained as “Altester” for the Ministry in Einlage in 1895. In 1915, they moved to the city of Nikopol where they were in the milling business with Maria’s father: Jacob Siemens.

They immigrated to the United States in September 1923 arriving in New York, then moved first to Mountain Lake M.N. and then to Minneapolis, MB.

His wife Maria passed away May 10, 1944. He and his daughter Lydia moved to Seattle from Minneapolis. He passed away in Seattle and was buried in Yarrow. Gerhard Regehr is survived by two daughters: Katherine (Kornelius) Neufeld, Yarrow; Lydia Regehr, Los Angeles; and three sons: Jacob, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Gerhard, St. Catherines, Ontario; Henry, San Jose, California and nine grandchildren.

Five Regehr brothers: (l-r)
Heinrich Peter Regehr (1860-1919) Born in Gnadenthal, Molotschna, died in Kalantarovka, Caucasus;
Gerhard Peter Regehr, (1866-1960) married in Reinfeld, Yazykovo, Mill owner at Nikopol;
Ältester Peter Peter Regehr (1856-1933) born in Nikolaidorf, Molotschna, died in Margenau, Molotschna;
Isaak Peter Regehr (1864-1930) teacher in Kleefeld, Molotschna;
and Jakob Peter Regehr (1851-1924) teacher.


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