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LOEWEN, Anna (Redekop)

Anna Loewen was born on July 22, 1907 in Kronstahl, Russia. Her parents were Heinrich and Susanna (Froese) Redekop. Since she was the first girl to be born after four boys, the joy in the Redekop household was great. She enjoyed a happy childhood in the trusting environment provided by her dear parents.

She received her elementary school training which included religion in the village where she was born. The Christian training received in her home was an important factor in coming to faith. At the age of twelve, with the help of her parents, she received Christ as her Saviour. This was during the Russian revolution when bandits robbed and killed freely. At the same time the country was ravaged by a typhoid epidemic. Her brother Gerhard was the first to succumb to the disease. A month later, her beloved mother was taken to her final resting place. Being the oldest girl in the family, Anna assumed responsibilities to look after her four brothers and two sisters.

On May 27, 1921 Anna was baptized by Pastor Johann Harder (Rosentahl) on confession of her faith and was received into membership in the M.B. Church.

The family was thankful that they could immigrate to Canada in July, 1923. They were received warmly by her father's brother, Gerhard Redekop in Hodgeville, Saskatchewan. Since it was soon time to harvest the crop, employment opportunities were taken advantage of and the travel debt was promptly paid off.

The family was received enthusiastically by the Elim church and it was not long before mother was permitted to sing in the choir. Anna was asked to teach a Sunday School class of small children. She soon realized the necessity of further biblical training. God opened the doors to further training at the Winkler Bible School.

It was at the Winkler Bible School where Anna met her husband, Peter. They were married on May 22, 1932 in Yarrow, British Columbia. In 1992, they were able to celebrate 60 years of marriage with their diamond anniversary. The Lord blessed them with nine children, twenty-one grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren.

Once all of her children were in school, Anna participated in a number of activities outside the home. She was a member of the Philadelphia Circle where she received many blessings. She also taught the Nursery class in Sunday School gaining the reputation of a gifted teacher. She served in a singing group for many years at the Menno Hospital, playing her autoharp which she enjoyed. She ministered to others until her health made it impossible to continue.

Anna could be characterized as a person who loved from the heart, who possessed the qualities of true motherhood and shared these without reservation with her children. No task was too much or too hard that could not be overcome with physical or spiritual application. She was not only concerned about the physical needs of each child but also their spiritual needs. She prayed for each unceasingly.

Anna (Redekop) Loewen passed into the presence of the Lord whom she loved on Monday, August 1, 1994. She was predeceased by her husband Peter and son Benjamin, two sisters and five brothers. She leaves behind eight children, twenty-one grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.

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Anna is also survived by one brother, David E. Redekop - Winnipeg step-sister, Alma Schellenberg - Ontario step-brother, A.W. Schellenberg - Abbotsford, sisters-in-law, Tina Penner, Helen Loewen, Anna Redekop, Annie Redekop



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