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John H. Kroeker passed away Nov. 19, 1998.

He was born Feb. 9, 1913 to Heinrich Johann and Susanna Kroeker in Neuhalbstadt, Sagradowka, Ukraine.

His father died in 1926. He helped his mother farm until 1930, when the farm was collectivized, then operated the farm tractors.

In 1935 he was conscripted into the Russian army, serving till 1937.

He married Elisabeth Duerksen May 3, 1938. They fled Russia Nov. 1, 1943. In Poland, the Gestapo questioned him about his military service.

He accepted Christ. He and Elisabeth were baptized in the Brethren Church in Poland.

In December 1944 he was conscripted into the German army. He was a POW in Austria. On June 9, 1945 he was reunited with his family in the Luneburger Heide.

In 1948 they immigrated to La Glace, Alta., where they joined the MB Church.

After 4 years, they moved to Yarrow, B.C. In 1958 they were called as deacons in Yarrow MB Church, ministering for 23 years.

They retired to Abbotsford, B.C. At Clearbrook MB Church, he served on the church council and on other committees for many years. They ministered as deacons for another 14 years. They were very hospitable, hosting many guests.

In 1998 cancer was found. He remained patient in suffering until called home. He is remembered as a faithful and diligent servant of the Lord.

He is mourned by Elisabeth and children.

The funeral was Nov. 25 in Clearbrook MB Church, with Jacob Pauls, Jay Neufeld and Eldon DeFehr ministering.


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