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DAHL, Frank Lohrenz

Frank Lohrenz Dahl passed away Jan. 25, 1998. He was born Oct. 24, 1911 to Johann and Judith Dahl in village no. 9, Terek, Russia.

In 1918 they fled to Suvorovka, then the Kuban. His mother died in 1919. He lived with the Johann Toews family for 1 year, then the Peter Edigers. Here he learnt the value of hard work, the joy of an orderly, happy home and sacrificing for the good of others. He learnt hymns, songs, poems and Scripture.

In 1925 Frank's father decided to take the whole family to Canada. A left eye, infected during a medical examination, was removed when he was 12. He and his sister Lensch were delayed in Southampton, England for 2 years. In 1927 he arrived in Canada.

He worked on road construction in Dalmeny, Sask. Lensch died in a fire. He moved to Yarrow, B.C. in 1928, working in hop yards and farming. In his teens, he accepted Christ. He was baptized July 8, 1930, joining Yarrow MB Church.

In 1935 he bought 5 acres in Yarrow. He married Anna Kroeker Jan. 12, 1936. In 1941 they moved to a larger farm in Sumas Prairie, B.C. He operated a dairy and worked at other jobs. In 1953 they returned to Yarrow, where he developed a business. They sold it in 1973 and returned to dairy farming, retiring in 1982.

In 1988 they moved to Clearbrook, B.C., joining Clearbrook MB Church. His last years were spent in peace and contentment, expessing gratitude for Anna. He is remembered as a hard-working man who loved music and had fun. He sang in quartets and choirs. He made significant contributions to the development of Sharon High School in Yarrow.

He enjoyed life, laughter, games, family trips, sporting events, family celebrations and regular church attendance.

Predeceased by 4 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 grandsons and 1 great-grandson, he is mourned by Anna; children Waldo, Linda, Frank, Alvin, Edith, Rudy, Leonard, Gary and Carol; 19 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren and 1 sister.

The funeral was Jan. 29 in Clearbrook MB Church, with Jay Neufeld, Jacob Pauls, George Baier and Heinz Ratzlaff ministering.


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