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BRUCKS, Henry, Sr.

Brucks, Henry (Heinrich) (1880 – 1951)

Henry Brucks, Eckert Road, Yarrow, B.C. died suddenly on Tuesday, September 24, 1951 while travelling to Chilliwack by bus. Mr. Brucks had lived in Yarrow for 11 years. Heinrich Brucks was born August 17, 1880 in Russia and came to Canada in 1926.

"lthough few in the Mennonite community knew of his artistic passion, Henry’s calligraphic talent was useful for celebratory events in the church.

So long as it could be used for the church community, time and effort could be justified…but he also managed to find the time and money for sketching and painting.

With the family’s move to Yarrow in 1939, they were able to buy a small parcel of land “in the bush” east of the village, build a house and plant a berry patch.

He set up his easel, charcoal, paints, pens, paper ... his studio in the attic of their house, a place for works in progress and some completed paintings."


Ruth Derksen Siemens. Village of Unsettled Yearnings: Yarrow, British Columbia : Mennonite Promise. Leonard Neufeldt, Lora Jean Sawatsky, Robert Martens, eds.


He is survived by his wife Aganetha and eight daughters: Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah at home, Mrs. Neta Nickel and Mrs. Frieda Derksen at Yarrow; Mrs. Anna Kopp and Mrs. Tina Reimer at Sardis; and Susie Brucks and his only son, Henry are missionaries in the Belgian Congo, Africa. A brother, Jacob Brucks lives in Sardis.

The funeral for Henry Brucks was held at Yarrow Mennonite Brethren Church with Rev. J.A. Harder officiating. Burial was at Yarrow Cemetery.


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